Sunday, September 27, 2015

Self Love

Ha - tricked ya! This is not a post about masturbation - it is about pampering yourself post-op. You lot really do have filthy minds.

In the last few days I have felt more like my "normal" self. This has been helped by doing little things to cheer myself up and pamper my poor battered body.

I have given myself a lovely manicure so that my fingernail are bright happy pink, gotten a massage and pedicure, and used nice smelling Body Shop products to moisturise my skin (well the skin that I can reach that is!)

Now, these just sound like nice things to do, but they have added benefits.

The massage and pedicure helped to ease my gas pain - I could actually hear the air escaping and it eased the muscles that are tense from sleeping strangely and from surgery. Additionally it helps general circulation, especially when you are not moving much yet.

The Body Shop coconut butters hydrate the skin, as I am struggling to get my 2 litres of water in still, and the oils in them soothe the soul (I do love jasmine).

If you have just had surgery, you feel bleurgh - it is good to do little things for yourself in this first week or so to pep yourself up a bit, and they are things that you can control.

Hell, it is good to pamper yourself any time - why should we need an excuse!

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